Meet The Team:


Nathalie Armand-Bradley

Lead Designer/ Founder


Shivani Vyas

Assistant Designer/Event Planner


ModPunch design is a full-service Atlanta based interior design firm with an emphasis on culturally infused living spaces. With a core belief that beauty and function should be tangible to all, ModPunch seeks to tailor each room with the individual history and culture in mind. 

With a passion for interiors, Nathalie began working as an e-design consultant and  slowly transitioned on to complexed and multi room designs. Nathalie and her team now serves Middle Georgia and the Metro Atlanta Area. Services can also be rendered via the e-design package. 




A Johns Hopkins graduate and full-time designer, Shivani is a strong advocate of a well curated design. For her, there is no greater sense of fulfillment than a meaningful purpose. “Thoughtful design can truly boost one's quality of life and help transform dull spaces into beautiful ones.” She believes that the key to a successful design is optimal spacial planning, scale, color distribution and materiality. More importantly, the design should consist of pieces that boost positivity and happiness.  Aside from designing, Shivani enjoys painting landscapes, gardening and traveling.