5 Tips for Creating a Well Curated Home.

Curation happens overtime and requires a mixture of thought and creativity. If your good at it, your collected pieces will come together and create an appearance of an effortless and well curated home. But why does this even matter? I'm glad you asked. A well dressed home is a standard that should trickle over to every facet of your life. Curation says, "I care and I want you to care as well." Think about how you take the time to pick out your clothes for the day. It's not a coincidence that your shoes tie in so well with your pants or how your shirt coordinates with your accessories. Your home should also matter. Pick the right pieces and create a home that rises up to greet you and I guarantee that this will be a standard of living which instantly raises up the bar. 

 Although curation is a process, here are 5 tips to get your room towards the right direction:

 1: Add a textured throw.

Texture can add an extra  punch and depth to a room. Think of texture as fluffy cardigan and the finishing touch to your attire. Adding a textured throw or even a  thick rug can create a landing place for the eyes and contrast beautifully against flatter materials and fabrics. 

2. Use Large Art.

Art can instantly make a blank wall feel lively, add color to a dull room and create interest to a lifeless space. Tie in your art with a few accessories and your room will begin to come together. 

Ethan Allen

Ethan Allen

3. Incorporate antique pieces.

Adding some antique and vintage pieces can add some interest. If most of your items are new add two or three decorative vintage pieces to create a timeless and a "collected" over time look.  

 Kips Bay Decorator Show House; above design by Darryl Carter.

 Kips Bay Decorator Show House; above design by Darryl Carter.

4. Add a graphic rug.

Dress up any bland space in your home with an area rug to add great interest, texture or colour. Today's rugs come in many designs that can instantly spice up a living space. If your going with solid colored drapes, let your rug do the talking!


5. Use personalized items. 

A personalized pillow with your initials on it, or a custom box adds a luxury touch  to any room. The key is to use this tip sparingly. an overload of customized pieces can be scary! 

Decor Pad 

Decor Pad 

I hope my tips have inspired you to take on a new project. I'm sure you will begin to fall in love with the process. But If your feeling unsure and would like some personalized assistance, sign up for my free home consultation to work one on one with an interior designer.This is a great way to get your ideas out and perfected.