5 Reasons Why Amazon Echo Rocks.


Amazon Echo is bad-ass device for the modern home connoisseur. With it's sleek and modern design, this internet connected speaker is ideal for any decor scheme. But perhaps the most impressive asset is it's functionality. The Echo plays music beautifully, quickly adds items to your to-do list and it's voice recognition is by far the best that I have ever used. Although there is room for improvement which I know will happen, the product has a lot of notable strong points for just a small investment of $179.99

Here are 5 reasons why you should make the investment:

  1. You can add items to your to-do list. This simple feature makes life just a little easier. Just speak into the device and the task will be added to your list in seconds. You can later edit and make changes from your smart-phone app.

  2. Checking simple things such as the weather and the time is a breeze. Echo is always on and ready to answer any of your questions. This also comes in handy when you can't jump on the computer at the moment.

  3. Cooking dinner, putting away the groceries and cleaning up suddenly isn't so bad because the echo is the perfect kitchen companion.

  4. Your friends and house guests will think your cool. I love randomly asking Alexa a question when I have new friends over.

  5. Lastly, keeping track of energy consumption with products such as the WeMo Switch is also great. Turning devices on and off from anywhere can really save you a few bucks on your energy bill.

I hope this short review was helpful. As always, feel free to ask any questions.

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