How To Revamp your bedroom in a matter of days.

Not in love with your bedroom decor? There is probably a reason for that. I mean there is no excitement to be made when looking at mismatched covers, dated furniture and very little to no inspiration on the wall. Why is it that we often get excited when spending a night at a beautiful hotel but hate sleeping in our own bedroom?  Well, there's probably a reason for that also. For one, hotel rooms are friggin clean, everything is in its place and hotel are typically stylish which gives for great eye candy. So, why on earth would you be living in a lackluster, dull pad of a room when you can easily replicate one of your favorite hotels with a fraction of the cost?  Please don't mention not having any money. The reality is, there are tons of cost-effective ways in which you can turn your room from drab to fab. 

First off, it's important that you understand the need to change things around. For one, we tend to spend a lot of time in our bedroom. Or so I hope. Besides sleeping, we often come up with killer ideas, reminisce about the past and if you're married, you're probably getting it on in there. But if your room sucks, the likely hood of all of this to occur is pretty slim. Changing things around shouldn't take months or years to complete. Nor should it require too much time and effort. This is where my wonderfully crafted services come in handy. For one, e-design allows you to envision your new room prior to buying one single item. This way you are able to eliminate wasted time, effort and money. I mean really, I get to do all the work for you! All you have to do is fill out the design questionnaire and approve or disapprove the design along the way. Sounds super easy, right? Well, this is how I wanted it to be. Design shouldn't have to be stressful and at times it can be if you don't know what you'r doing. So, I've taken the stress part out of it for you in hopes to encouraging you to change the way in which you live and feel about your space. Remember, there is  a correlation between productivity, happiness, and living environments. It's time to start making some changes.