The Perfect Mothers Day

Mother's day has always been a well celebrated holiday throughout the world and all for good reasons. But truthfully speaking, this type of celebration should be held every day. I mean, what's the point of just loving on your mother for just one particular day? The reality is mothers are just awesome! Just take a moment to think of all that your mother embodies, ponder on all of her sacrifices that she has done all throughout her life. Isn't she worth celebrating every day? I would certainly say that my mother deserves it all but finding the perfect gift or card is always a daunting task for me. Especially when I'm unsure of what she truly desires. Houzz recently took a poll asking mothers to share some of the things in which they desired this year and I thought I would share the results. 


Here are the findings: 

The Perfect Activity 

1. 49% of Mom's around the U.S. desire a specially cooked meal at home. 

2. 11.2% desire a day without chores. 

3. 9.6% desire to engage in some sort of outdoor activity. 

See more results below. 

The Perfect Gift 

  1. A whopping 27.2% of mothers say that the perfect gift would be something for the home or garden. 
  2.  25% are hoping for something exclusively for themselves. 
  3. Surprisingly, 20.1%  want nothing at all.

See more results below

So there you have it, a list of ideas specially for mom. I hope this has helped you in planning the perfect day. 

Bye for now,