Tried and True Design Rules That You Should Follow.

Okay, so I'm not one for ridged rules that does not allow any room for creativity. However, when it comes to designing a space, there are just some rules that are not meant to be broken.

Below is my quick list of 5 things that will give you a great jump start to a well designed room. Enjoy!

  1. Hang curtains high: Hanging window curtains high above the window that graze the floor will give the illusion of height. Also, basic curtains can instantly give the illusion of luxury with just a few sewing additions. Add additional fabric to the bottom portion of the curtains to provide length if necessary. This can be completed by simply purchasing fabric and sewing the fabric to the curtains. 

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2. Stick with white: White towels always give the feel of cleanliness and freshness. Not to mention, white towels compliments virtually any color scheme. Have a large portion in stock at all times. Stack them together in a variety of ways and you will surely have a spa-like bathroom in no time. 




3. Switch out lamp shades: Stick to basic colors such as black, white or burlap.

4. Hang mirrors appropriately: When hanging a mirror, consider the height, which is critical to getting the best reflection. Over a mantel, a mirror may be too high to see yourself or the room in the reflection and might end up reflecting the ceiling. Mirrors with frames that are more important than the reflection, such as starburst mirrors, work well at a higher level.

5. Lastly, test it out.

It's super important for people on a budget to think about design options prior to committing to them. I mean, you literally have to live with the decisions that you have made. This means that it is not a good idea to rush into something to later look back and regret it. Even though it's tempting to finish an entire room at once, it's essential to emphasize living with each choice before moving on to the next one. Say you just purchased a new dresser for your bedroom. Well, let it hang out for a while before painting it neon green or buying another item to match it.

How do you know if it's a good fit? Ask yourself these two simple questions:

1) Does it make you happy?

2) Is it functional in the way it was intended?

It's also important to spend time at the beginning choosing exactly what you want. It's critical to nail down your vision for the room before you get started, because there's nothing worse than spending money you've worked so hard to save, and then regretting it.

Hope this has been helpful.