The diet of space: How to minimize your space and maximize your drive.

Simplicity makes room for living rather than things. Living in excess is a sure way to clutter not only your space but your mind. With that said, small space living doesn't have to be boring. In fact, it should give you the opportunity to think of what is most essential for that room. Think of function and purpose when creating a living space and replicate that same system in your mind. In essence, physical clutter is the same as mind clutter. Have you ever noticed how scatter brained you become when your in a messy room? Well, theres a reason for that! 

Simplicity is essential. 

Living a life of simplicity allows you to feel closer to the core. Often times, we try to hide behind things and stuff which distracts us from who we truly are and what our purpose is. Sticking to the core keeps us rooted. Having a minimalists space is a sure way to assuring that your focused on your drive and zest for life. 

Your drive is connected to your living space.

Your home should be your personal haven to a busy life. It should also consist of only the things that you need and not the things that you want. Small space living now makes room for bigger and better things. It also allows you to realize how much you have to give. Gratitude is now at the forefront. The reality is, we have far more then we really need and when we begin to live a life of simplicity, we are able to focus on giving. 

There are certain spaces within your home that requires special attention. 

Your sacred getaway

I particularly enjoy the minimalist approach to the bedroom. After all, the bedroom should be a peaceful and sacred place geared towards recharging and regrouping. Certainly a bedroom should mainly be for sleeping but it should also be a space catered towards maximizing your drive. Books coupled with a splash of art usually does the mind well.

The best way to stick to the simplified life is to keep wall art to a minimum and to have very few items in the bedroom as much as possible. Getting into the habit of making your bed in the morning is also a great way to jumpstart your day. 

Your space is greater than you think.

 Studio apartments are exciting spaces! They force an individual to stick with the absolute necessities and it allows for creative ways to organize and store to come to life. This picture below is the perfect example of organizing with style while considering the size of the space. Look at how everything has it's place. 


I also love a space that has multi functions. See for example the space shown below. This modern styled shelving system not only functions as a bookcase but is also being used to display clothing. Items are neatly stored a way in a eye please way. 

I love this studio apartment pictured below. With the exposed concrete floors and the pop of color found in the kitchen, the space makes for a perfect haven geared towards small space living.

I hope this has helped you to start thinking and doing things a little differently. Please share your thoughts on this. 

Bye for now!