5 ways to boost the value of your home

Wether your trying to sell your home or looking for ways to increase the value, keeping your home in top shape is a must. I have compiled a list of cost effective ways to boost the value. 

1. Update the Kitchen. The kitchen is a sure way to attract potential buyers. In fact, 53% of real estate professionals have agreed that the kitchen is one of the most important spaces of the home. Think of small fixer uppers such as repairing the leaky faucet, painting the walls and updating the curtains.These quick changes can certainly give life to a dated kitchen. 



2. Spruce up the exterior. The outdoor area of your home is the first line of contact to any perspective buyer. Ignoring this vital area of your home is like showing up to an interview without proper grooming. A power washing, updating old light fixtures and planting beautiful trees are just a few things that can be done to immeditely increase the value of your home. 

3. Create the illusion of space. Your space may seem smaller then it truly is and you have your stuff to thank. If this is something that you feel has been lacking in your home, now would be the time to find those extra spaces that have been overlooked. Begin by tossing all of your unused items. Consider donating to Goodwill. Move furniture around and find the best way possible to make each room feel larger. Consider using a large wall mirror to help bring the illusion of space. 

4. Replace old flooring. Nothing screams dingy then stained old carpeting. Although replacing the flooring for the entire home may be a hefty expense, consider replacing the the main quarters of the home with laminate flooring. This is a very cost effective solution to pricer options such as porcelain and wood. Other areas of the home can be replaced over time if working with a tight budget.  

5.  Paint the ceilings! Ceilings are notorious for being overlooked during renovations. Sprucing up the ceilings and trims with a fresh coat of pain can surely bring a feeling of freshness to your home. Want to do something bolder? Consider updating the ceilings with shadow boxes or shiplap. Both options are very appealing.