5 ways to stay inspired within your own space.

Have you ever wondered why your always in a bad mood? Believe it or not, the space in which you call your home may be impacting your energy levels. Surrounding your self with things that encourages positive thoughts can ultimately give you the boost of happiness that you need.

Here are 5 easy ways to infuse your space with encouragement:

1. Create a wall of inspirational quotes. Think of the people that inspire you. Use the words of leaders, public figures and people that you know personally in your life that you admire. Print out some of there quotes and frame them in beautiful frames. Find an area in your home that you access often such as a hallway or kitchen area to display your wall of quotes. Before you know it, these words will be embedded in your mind and can inspire the changing that you have been longing for. 

2. Bring the outdoors in. In recent behavioral study conducted by Harvard University, researchers confirmed that flowers are a natural mood booster. Just one glance of a beautiful bouquet of tulips or orchads can not only brighten a room but can also transfer positive energy into your day. What I find also is that, starting the day with a more positive mood can can also encourage others to feel happier as well. Have different types of flowers through out the house. Place them on the kitchen table, the entry way and even in the guest bathroom. Try not to get too excessive but just the right amount can make a lasting difference in your over all mood. 

3. Dress up bare walls. Art can be an instant form of inspiration. It can bring us to unimagainable places and can certainly bring a burst of emotions. Placing things all around you can be exactly what you need to stay inspired. Consider using abstract are, scenery inspired and large print art. 

4. Surround yourself with books. Reading is one of the greatest ways to stay inspired and surrounding your space with topics that you truly enjoy expand your vocabulary, increase your knowledge and keep you inspired. Invest in modern bookshelves, Stack them in your dining room or create a library space within your home. The key is to encourage and inspire. 

5.  Use Incense: Smell good incense carry several benefits. For one, Incense instantly makes a space smell wonderful.     It also triggers our desires to sit and reflect and often times the scents take you to a place far from where you presently are. Burn them in spaces that you use frequently such as a bedroom or bathroom. Or use them during times of relaxation. You will surely feel inspired.