Creative De-cluttering: How To Organize Like A Pro

Let's be honest guys, we love stuff! We have shoes up to our ears, bags for days, clothes to dress a small village and jewels that could possibly cover an entire year of living expenses! But for many, none of these items can be easily found because we have far too many things and poor organizing skills. I mean some of us can hardly find any of the stuff that we hold so close to our hearts.

It's gotten so bad that there are television shows dedicated to hoarders. It you have ever watched this show, you quickly learn that the habit began small and gradually grew into a serious problem. According to recent statistics about a third of our wardrobe is filled with stuff that we have never used during the year.

If you do not keep a tight handle on clutter, you may be the next candidate for the hit series Hoarders. For some of us, this is already the case.

What are the advantages to decluttering ?

Removing things that are no longer needed will allow you to save valuable time: think of those mornings when you can't find your keys or find your left shoe. Having a consistent decluttering plan in place can help curb these wasted moments in time. In addition, you will notice that you will feel better when you have a plan that works.

How can you get rid of the things that you do not need?

  1.     First, create a daily schedule dedicated solely to organizing. You can choose whether to spend half an hour daily and dedicate more time over the weekend.

  2. Start small: Try organizing a draw that tends to accumulate clutter if tackling an entire room scares you. After choosing the room, gradually start to empty several drawers moving on to bigger things like an entire room.

  3. Use bins to start separating things that you need with the things that can be sold or given away. Alternatively, you may want to consider a swap party with friends. This would also be a rad way to get your friends to part from things that they don't need and to give unused items a second life!

  4.     If you have unused books, you could donate them to libraries or public reading rooms in your neighborhood or you can just give them to your friends and family.

  5. Try to get into the habit of getting rid of old items when something new comes in. This is a sure way to keep clutter at bay.

  6.     Finally, if you are not quite able to get rid of some things, at least give yourself a deadline to throw them away. Put them all in a box and if after a few months you realize that that box has never been reopened, thrown or given away then it's time.

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