Change your space and transform your life.

There is no question that your space can have a direct correlation between your level of productivity, mood and overall drive. I tend to feel more in line and focused when my room is kept tidy and clean. This is why I am constantly picking up after the kids. I just feel a sense of disarray when my space is out of order. I also find that when I frequently change the space around me, that new found clarity and insight is brought on.

Below are some of the things that has helped me to stay inspired, productive and organized:

1.     Paint the walls a different color:

I recently painted our first floor area with Benjamin Moore Owl Gray and I can’t begin to tell you, how much it has impacted my mood! It is a very light grayish- silver color and it goes fabulously with a black painted door. There is still a lot of work to be done but I am loving the vibe thus far. It instantly changed the entire look of the room and also brought a light and airy feeling to my spirit. It is such a refreshing change from the beige walls that we had prior. Simple things like painting can be such a life altering transition.

Owl Gray 

Owl Gray 

Benjamin Moore Owl Gray

2. Add a few accessories:

A bright colored pillow, a chevron rug or adding a lamp are just a few accessories, that can instantly refresh your space. Switch your accessories as often as the seasons change. It can bring a sense of newness to a dated room and also break up the monotony.  

3.     Move your furniture around:

Moving that old lamp from one room to another or switching your couch around can bring such a sense of transformation to your life. You start to see things in ways that you have never done before. 

Our Lake Life

Our Lake Life

3.     Sell your old items and replace them with some new things.

I am obsessed with Craigslist! It is such a great place to sell all of your old items and also an awesome spot to find new things. Often times, you will find individuals who are moving and need to sell items fast and cheap. Check often and always try to negotiatie the asking price. People who need to sell quickly are almost always willing to work with you.  For example, I recently came across a beautiful antique mirror. I knew it would work perfectly in Poet's nursery. The seller was asking for a $100. That just wasn't going to happen. I was able to talk her down to $20! I painted the mirror white. I will show you how it turned out in another post. 

Bye for now! 


Antique Mirror