Glass desk on a budget

How many of you actually use your dining room area? Hardly ever, right I know! I realized this a few weeks back and immediately thought of the idea of turning the space into a functioning home office. My existing dining room table consists of a glass top and I knew that I wanted to stick with it. I just needed something that would act as the legs or the base of the desk.

I've recently grown obsessed with the look of a sawhorse legged desk with a glass top. Random perhaps but designer magazines and catalogs are overloaded with this particular styled desk. I'm sure you have seen several floating around. I've been eyeing out a reasonably priced one to purchase but to no avail. Typically, a desk of this caliber can cost you well over $200. So, I created a way to get a similar look for far less. Ikea carries an assortment of desk legs and hardware. So I knew this would be a great place to find what I was looking for. Sure enough, I came across the Lerberg. A pair costs only $20! Ikea carries both black and silver in this particular style. I purchased the black but ended up spray painting them silver. I love the simplicity of them; super thin legs, clean and modern.You can easily have a piece of glass cut to size at a glass store for those of you who do not already own one. 

Although this is not the exact high end look, this comes pretty darn close in my opinion!  Almost everything can be replicated when it comes to design. Sometimes it takes a little research and some sweat equity but rest assure, you will get the look that you are in search of.  

Have you turned your dining area into a more usable and functioning space? 


Here are a few ideas to inspire you: