A beautiful Mind

As we celebrate autism awareness this month, I find myself increasingly overwhelmed by thoughts concerning my five year old son Sebastian. Emotions always run oh so high when I think about his existence and the trimuphs and difficulties in which he will face. I am more so overjoyed by how he has truly brightened my life. His fascination in the small things in which most of us take for granted has truly become a daily reminder of the power of appreciation. He finds beauty in flowers, marvels at the sight of towering trees and squels with excitement when he stumbles upon a bug. Then theres his ability to constantly encourage patience and understanding in me. Something; that I have often fallen short of. Sebastian's humble beginnings always lingers at the back of my mind, he came into this world at just 24 weeks gestation. He spent several months in the hospital before coming home. Shortly after his 2nd birthday, he  was diagnosed with autism. Although Sebastian suffers from this neurodevelopment disorder, I know that this is not all that he is. It's just a part of him. So as I celebrate autism awareness, may you also celebrate the lives of those who truly possess a unique and beautiful mind. 


Do not fear people with Autism, embrace them, Do not spite people with Autism unite them,
Do not deny people with Autism accept them for then their abilities will shine”
― Paul Isaacs
Children with ASD can grow beyond their limitations and develop into wonderful, productive citizens. All we have to do is see through those limitations to the bright kids they really are, helping them past their difficulties without allowing them to be labeled and restricted by their diagnoses.”

― Karina Poirier