Revamping a bookcase!

I always loved the built-ins that are located in my family room. In fact, it was one of the things that made me want to purchase the home. However, I knew that it was missing something special. I thought long and hard for months on what I would do with it. I thought about painting the shelves but immediately dismissed the idea; I was scared of committing to the changes. So, I kept on thinking of a solution. Finally after days of thinking of options, I decided on using decorative wallpaper. Now, I must tell you, wallpaper has come a very long way! Long gone are the days of old flowery and hideous paper that are often found in older homes. Today, you can find an array of wallpaper designs that can truly spice things up. Watch my youtube video below for details! I found this specific wallpaper on sale at Amazon. It is from Graham and Brown and it can be found here

Here are a few inspirational pictures:

So there are no excuses!! It's time to get that bookcase looking right. Please share your pictures with me if you ever decide to take on the project!

Bye for now.