Some of the greatest decor pieces are the ones that have been around for years. I'm talking about those pieces that are worn, chipped and just old. A faded arm chair, a distressed wall letter or  antique mirrors gives a room that collected over time look.

Sometimes nature can be made the centerpiece of your abode. 

Fayetteville Antiques   Fayetteville, GA

This faded letter eight compliments the arrangement of vintage clocks and branches. 

Old vases that are within the same color family gives an instant collected look. Suddenly everything is in unison. 

I love old mirrors that are clustered together and an old brick wall is a delirious feast to the eye. Look how wood and metal looks so rich together!

Vintage trunks always makes for a much needed statement and stacking them on a wall can really push the limits of scale. 

Design can help create a warm, happy and welcoming space. Take time to create something that your truly love, After all, your authentic space should always be an expression of you! 

I hope this helps.