Entryways are such an essential part of the home, but often times they are over looked. Having an eye-catching entryway is a great way to welcome your guest. Sure, there aren't any ridge rules to decorating this space but with a few guidelines, you'll be on your way to creating a one of a kind space for you and your family.  

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  1. A wallpapered accent wall is almost always a conversation starter. It not only draws in the eye, but it instantly bring visual interest to your entryway. Geometric shapes are totally in right now but you can always go with what you love. The rule here is to not over due it. I would typical say to use wallpaper on just one wall as an accent but the design below was executed so well that using wallpaper in the entire space can work just as well. 
add a mirror.png

2. I love mirrors. They are just so necessary. Placing a mirror right above a console table is an excellent way to reflect light and to bring depth to the space. 


3.Adding a table lamp to your entryway is like adding that perfect necklace to your attire. It just looks awesome! 

Source: www.Decoratingfiles.com

Source: www.Decoratingfiles.com

 Source: www.groovexi.com

 Source: www.groovexi.com

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4. Art is such a creative way to fill up empty wall space and grouping art together can be a great way to add color to the room. Try to Position the most prominent piece at eye level in the center and work outward. If you're using different frames, spread them out to give a little breathing room between each piece.

Soucre: www.camillestylesinc.com

Source: www.PotteryBarn.com

5.  Adding a bold colored bench or settee to the entryway is an excellent way to bring interest to the space and it also creates the perfect sitting area. 

Soucre: camillestylesinc.com



So, there you have it. My 5 ways to creating that perfect entryway. Till next time.