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2019 Resolutions for Year Round Success

While others are taking the same route post-holiday season, now is a great time to set your self and your home for success. Bringing in the new year is such an exciting time. If there’s a goal that you missed last year-the fresh start can be your second chance to reaching those objectives. Like many, the “holiday hangover” is real. While others are recovering from the hoopla of holiday cheers, this is the best time to organize your personal space. We’’ll have plenty of ideas and recommendations for you to help you stay organized and beautified for 2019. 

Here are 7 resolutions will surely set you up for success.  


Resolution 1: I will discover the things that I love

What do you love? Like really think about the things that excites you. Maybe you dabbled in horseback riding, enjoy the outdoors or have a thing for fitness. What ever it is, try committing to spending some time increasing your knowledge of that subject. This will also help you create a space that is personal to you.


Resolution 2: I will create a new landing station

Creating a landing station specific to your needs can really help in enhancing productivity. This task will take a little thinking to get the job done right. A great idea when deciding on a location is to think of a place that you spend most time in and will easily command your attention. The  kitchen area, bedroom or a hallway is usually perfect. Equip your new station with a console table, weekly goals and mail storage. Last but not least, add some positive words of affirmation.

Resolution 3: I will fill in blank walls 

Blank walls are not cool. Period. Vow to change those empty spaces with art and inspirational words. Consider hanging large scale art, create a gallery wall or add floor mirrors to naked walls. 

Resolution 4: I will Increase gratitude

Sometimes we forget to appreciate what we have. Creating a routine of jotting down the things that we are grateful for can really put things into perspective. Start a gratitude journal and jot downtime things that you love about your home.

Resolution 5: I will upgrade my lighting

Efficient lighting can instantly update a space. Replace old light bulbs with modern LED lights. Make sure all rooms you use regularly have both overhead and a table or floor lamp.

Resolution 6: I will keep my home safe

There are several things that every homeowner should do to ensure a safe home. Installing carbon monoxide detectors, checking the radon levels and consistently changing the dryer vents is a sure way to keeping your home safe and sound.

Resolution 7: I will eliminate clutter

Right now is the ideal time to start an organizing effort. Take one small area of your home each week and give it a makeover. Begin with small projects like a pantry, laundry area, or coat closet and work up to larger jobs like a bedroom closet. We promise you’ll love the results.

Team Mod Punch wishes you a Happy New Year!