How to Combine Design Styles

If your lucky, your significant other gives very little on how the living space looks and what you bring home. But for many, decorating with spouse can be challenging especially when there taste leaves much to be desired. If this is your reality read on. 

Its a fact that no two individuals are the same, we have different likes, we enjoy different things and often times have different styles.The good new is, there are ways to combine two different styles in a way that works for the both of you. 

Here are my guaranteed ways to decorate in harmony: 

  1. Take a style quiz: First off, I recommend taking the style quiz here.This will help you and your spouse narrow down your taste and style. 
  2. Communicate: This is key. Talk about your styles together and come up with a game plan for a particular area of the house. What works? What has to go? What would you like to see differently?  Asking these questions will help you and your partner stay on the same track. 
  3. Shop together and find core pieces that you both can agree upon. I know this can be a daunting task but working together can prevent any unwanted items from being purchased. There are several apps that allow you to share notes and images privately. Evernote is great and I strongly recommend using this app with your spouse. 
  4. Mix it up: Combine feminine and masculine patterns together. Let's say, you love floral prints and he loves pinstripes. Guess what? You can still have both patterns in the same room. The key here is to use them subtly so the patterns will not compete with one another. For example, try adding the pinstripes by incorporating a few pillows. Then use the floral prints for the drapes. Lastly, using items that are in the same color family and keep the wall color neutral. Then voila! 
Floral pillows matched with masculine art. 

Floral pillows matched with masculine art. 

Feminine colors matched with masculine tones 

Feminine colors matched with masculine tones 

5. Hire a mediator aka interior decorator: Sometimes hiring an expert that can articulate what works and what doesn’t can be the saving grace. 

Feel free to leave your design dilemmas to us here. We will be thrilled to help!